Opening Day-Doves

First of September
Iris keeping fit-summer training


September 1st, that date we can always count on, can’t come fast enough. It’s been a long while for me since February quail at Oakland in South Carolina. I cut my teeth on doves around El Paso in the 1950’s. I can hit them a little better now than then, but that’s not the point. It’s the beginning of another season of birds, dogs, country and especially, old friends. Truthfully, the summer has flown by when I don’t think about it. I intended to shoot more clays but didn’t. I did spend many a Tuesday and Thursday morning training with my Lab Iris. We have perfect conditions; water and fields fifteen minutes from the house. Again this year, a pair of osprey has nested successfully nearby. The other morning three of their family were in the newly-cut alfalfa field apparently eating grasshoppers!

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