A Kansas Backup Plan

In mid-December we finally made it to Kansas to hunt quail and pheasants as we have for so many years that I’ve lost count. After a record hot and dry summer, the prospects were not good, so we hitched up the trailer full of goose and duck decoys. We had a line on big flocks feeding in stubble that we had access to. The pond by the cabin was a primary roost. It was completely covered overnight with a few thousand Canadas, specs and snows along with mallards and pintails fitted in somehow. Here’s a video. It’s not the best quality because of the low light conditions, but it’s five incredible minutes of geese coming to water.

While we did manage to find some coveys and some roosters, the field hunting from our layout blinds saved the trip. In fact, it was some of the finest hunting we’ve ever had this side of the Canadian border.

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