Eldridge Hardie
Jock Scott

Fine Art Connoisseur, EMPA Exhibit

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Western Art Collector

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Master of the Hunt, Mike Grudowski, Garden & Gun

"For the painter, Eldridge Hardie, his art isn’t just a vocation.
It’s a way of life."
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Painting his Passions, Jenna Vandenberg, Western Art & Architecture

Hunters and anglers worldwide turn to Eldridge Hardie for an authentic portrayal of their favorite outdoor pursuits.
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Eldridge Hardie ~ The Real Deal, Strideaway

"Eldridge Hardie is the real deal. I know of no sporting artist that has spent more time in the field than El. The authenticity that we sportsmen relate to in his wonderful art reflects those long hours. I think history will be very kind to his efforts."
— Bubba Wood, Collectors Covey
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Three Days on the Miramichi, Martin Silverstone, Editor, Atlantic Salmon Journal

"Hardie’s book transported me far from the office on this rainy day. It walked me out to the Bear River Marsh near Utah’s Wasatch Range where a retriever splashes in with a mallard. It shipped me to the shores of the Bahamas where a weather change promises good bonefishing. But most of all it brought me back to rivers like the Miramichi, the Restigouche and other salmon waters where memories float from Hardie’s paintings like smoke from a fire."
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Poetry in Paint, Tom Davis, Sporting Classics

"After thirty years in sporting art, Eldridge Hardie has developed an amazing facility to create simple yet strong visual statements—paintings that capture both the dramatic aspects of hunting and fishing, and those quiet, introspective moments important to all of us."
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Gundogs, Tom Davis, Sporting Classics

"Hardie had hit it out of the park, capturing not just Bitty’s physical likeness but her attitude, her personality, her character. This was the Bitty they’d known and loved, the Bitty whose field trial triumph they celebrated and whose puppies they helped raise and whose passing left a hole in their hearts even as her spirit stayed vibrantly alive in their memories."
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