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The Sporting Art of Eldridge Hardie – Paintings of Upland Hunting, Angling, and Waterfowling

The Sporting Art of Eldridge Hardie – Paintings of Upland Hunting, Angling, and Waterfowling, published by Stackpole Books. The book, with a foreword by Paul Schullery and an introduction by Tom Davis, celebrates the artist's six decades as one of the country's best-known sporting artists.

Throughout the book are sidebars relating to the general subjects of the paintings gleaned primarily from a lifetime of the artist’s own hunting and fishing experiences.

Also featured are several instances of the artist's creative process showing original paintings paired with prelminary studies and notes leading to finished pieces.

216 pages, 150 paintings, 12x10 inches, hardbound
$75 includes shipping.

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What others are saying about the book

The Sporting Art of Eldridge Hardie presents the full panoply of this artist's superb paintings plus a glimpse into his life, manner of working, and passion for upland hunting, angling and waterfowling. In coffee-table format, with flawless reproductions, the book does an excellent job of conveying the spark and spirit with which Hardie invests his well-known and critically acclaimed paintings of hunting dogs, gamebirds, game cover, waterfowl, salmon rivers, trout streams and the people absorbed in the sporting world.

I was particularly fascinated by the spreads of pencil sketches that demonstrate how Hardie plans and develops his work. "Drawing Dogs," for example, shows how he uses his art-school training to get the anatomy of hunting dogs just right. Such diligent background work brings a compelling verisimilitude to Hardie's finished paintings, both oil and watercolor.

Charles Fergus, Shooting Sportsman Magazine

For six decades, Eldridge Hardie has been painting the scenes of American outdoor life. When we see one of Hardie's paintings, we recognize our own experiences made permanent on canvas. The Sporting Art of Eldridge Hardie--Paintings of Upland Hunting, Angling, and Waterfowling is good company...You can enjoy a wide range of technique and expression within Hardie's fundamental realism that represents 52 years of painting...His hunters and anglers have a quiet, well-worn confidence about them. They and their gear look broken in to their recreation, their days afield a part of their lives.

Christopher Camuto, Gray's Sporting Journal

So turn the page and off you go, out to the high-country streams, saltwater flats. grouse covers, salmon pools, snowy duck blinds, heather meadows, stubble fields, and all the other places to which our dearest dreams have always drawn us.

Paul Schullery, From the Foreword

...a glimpse into the world of Eldridge Hardie, a world he not only re-creates and re-imagines in paint but a world that, in the fullest sense of the term, he inhabits.

Tom Davis, From the Introduction