Notes from the Studio and Field, Spring 2013


Some Open Water, a new oil on linen, 22×30 inches


He is one of the most respected, accomplished, and completely skilled sporting artists of the contemporary era.



It’s hard to put into words what my picture making is about. When I’m out in the country bird hunting or wading a trout stream there are enriching things I see. I want to get hold of what that is, distill it, and get it down in a way that I can communicate it. It’s a wordless process about shapes, patterns, colors, and textures that when seen and understood and translated to paint can create a visual response like the experience that moved me. Doing this is one of the most rewarding pursuits I can imagine, and after nearly fifty years I’m enjoying it more than ever. 

 PUBLICATIONS ~ What a fine job writer Jenna Vandenberg did in the beautiful presentation of my work in Western Art & Architecture in the December/January issue. Also, anyone involved with pointing dog breeds should know about Chris Mathan’s Strideaway website. It is beautifully done and full of rich content. And I couldn’t be more pleased with her great piece about my work. Shooting Sportsman used my woodcock drawing with a story in January while Pointing Dog Journal did the same with my painting of Bobwhites in March.

SHOWS ~ I’ll participate for the sixth year at the Prix de West Invitational, in Oklahoma City in June. Later in the summer, I will participate in Trailside Gallery’s Masters in Miniature Show. Coming up this fall will be Insight Gallery’s Fall Gallery Show in September and the Collectors Covey Miniature Show will be in November. For dates and other exhibit information, please see my website, and look on the Events page.

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In addition to my own studio, these fine galleries, InSight Gallery in Fredericksburg,TX, J.N. Bartfield Galleries in New York, Collectors Covey in Dallas, and The Sportsman’s Gallery in Atlanta and Beaver Creek, CO are the principal sources for my paintings.

And finally, please don’t hesitate to visit one of the galleries or to check with me at any time about available work or about a particular subject you have in mind. I would enjoy hearing from you. And one more thing, I’d certainly appreciate it if you would Like my Facebook page.