Fathers’ Day Fishing


With fishing as many other pursuits, success is in the details. Will I ever learn that it is crucial to check ahead for the most up to date report of the condition of the river? Even 24 hours can make a difference. For Abby’s annual Fathers Day gift of a day on the river together, with her providing the lunch and dinner on the way home, we chose the Arkansas River. Though it was still high, the prospect was for some very good fishing. While we found a few willing browns, it was tough and the wading was confined to the very edge of a heavy flow. Then the rains came and muddied the water. At the fly shop in Salida we learned that an upstream release had increased the volume by 200 cubic feet per second, almost a third again of the flow putting the trout completely off their feed. Still, spending the day fishing with your daughter is priceless whether the fishing is good or not. Dinner at the Dam Brewery in Dillon was a perfect ender.